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Bonbon is back!  

Most of 2007 has been spent digging in the archives so there are a batch of releases in preparation featuring archive material from the '90s. Orders: ronnie [a]


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BBC00 NEGHANTIL "memento mori" c40 [post industrial from 1990]

The very first cassette album recorded by me in 1990. I never got around to release it back then. Rhythmic post industrial using mostly analogue equipment; drum machine, synth, tapes. 

will maybe be released sometime...


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BBC01 BAD KHARMA "96-98" 4-tape box. 

A retrospective set collecting material from the most active and noisy period of BAD KHARMA.

KAIBATSURI (1996-1997) 40 min / SALT (1997) 40 min
KAIBATSURI is a collection of early noise experiments and tape loop sessions recorded in the earlydays in Umeå and at the Cabin.  SALT was intended to be the released as the first LP but was shelved and later reworked and expanded to become Seltin instead. Lots of feedback and contact mike action. Pretty noisy stuff. 

TAPE WERK (1997-1998) 60 min
Collage style noise album that was originally recorded in 1997 in Umeå and later on remixed in Trondheim in 1998. First album to be recorded on DAT. Contact mike excercises, samples, tapes, synth and fx.

KRSHNA (1998) 60 min
A pretty intense collage noise album all recorded and edited in one day. Synth, guitar, feedback, samples and tapes.

KRIYAYOGA (1998) 60 min
The last really noisy material that was recorded and also the first recorded on MD. Contact mikes, metal and feeback. Heavy stuff!

released dec 2007. edition of 50 copies. sold out! check the distributors: molehill, rrr, mimaroglu


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BBC02 PRMTVS "92-96" 4 tape box [death industrial from 1992-1996] 

A project that was dead and buried but was recently rediscovered and has been resurrected from the grave. At the time known as Prometheus but changed to PRMTVS for this release. Traditional Swedish Death Industrial Dark Music.

The Kashmir Sessions (1993-1994) / ITC (1996) 
Early rehearsal studio sessions and bedroom recordings. Drum machine, synth, guitar, radio and tapes.  ITC was recorded as sort of an homage to industrial/post-industrial music. Loop delay unit, Bass, tapes, synth and vocals.

D.D.D. (1992-1994) 
A death industrial album sourced together from scattered pieces recorded 92-94. Drum machine, synth and voices of the dead.

Live at Kashmir (1993) / Invocation (1996) 

Kashmir is a live rehearsal studio session from 93. Samples, guitar, metal and feedback. Invocation is a dark, dark, dark ritual voice drone session recorded at the legendary Frösöberget. Loop delay unit, tapes, voice

Dead In The Kitchen (1996) 
A study in reverb. Utterly grey and depressing death ambient drones and clonk recorded in Kenneth's Kitchen.

hopefully late 2008


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BBC03 BAD KHARMA "KARISMA" 3 tape box [noise!!!]

I am comtemplating having this baby reissued... maybe. Originally released as a triple cdr back in 1998 and sold out since forever.


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BBC04 ONOMA"MOON RITUALS" 3 tape box [lofi primitivist ambient from 1995-1996]

Ritual Moon Music recorded in the mid '90s and kept a secret until now. Just loops and drones -  nothing more.

hopefully sometime


BBC05 BAD KHARMA "The Bonfire Sessions" 3 tape box

new material from 2008! 120 min!


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